About Evolva

Evolva is a software company engaged in developing custom made business web applications and advanced Java web technologies for the application development.

Our customers and professional colleagues use Evolva business solutions and our development technology Evolution Framework to save time and money and to simplify and automate their business processes.

Our mission

Our mission is to facilitate the implementation of our client's business objectives by using advanced information technologies and capabilities of the web architecture.

Our vision

Our vision is:

  • to become regionally acknowledged partner in the development of custom business web applications,
  • to ensure a global recognition of Evolution Framework as a complete Java web environment for the efficient development of business web applications,
  • to provide, at the global level, an automatic conversion of large desktop applications to Java web technology.

Evolva is a member of


Croatian Independent Software Exporters


Croatian Association of Java Users


ISO 9001:2015

Quality Management System

Java SE 8

certified software developers



  • Evolva team increases by 4 new members.

  • Evolva creates new education standards through projects STAND4INFO and 3P project in collaboration with the Faculty of Organization and Informatics in Varaždin.

  • Evolva develops an educational ERP system for vocational schools.

  • Systems for digitalization of business documents and procurement process monitoring in Jadransko osiguranje successfully delivered.

  • Systems for lighting design projects in Telektra successfully delivered.

  • MUP integration of the application ePisarnica of City of Varaždin successfully finished.

  • Fiscalization modul for VABA Banka successfully delivered. Center for Professional Rehabilitation becomes a user of Evolva ePisarnica.

  • International JavaCro'15 conference sponsored by Evolva.

  • Desktop-to-Web migration from Panther technology to Evolution Framework successfully completed in Privredna banka Zagreb.


  • New monitoring features and higher performance of applications powered by Evolution Framework.

  • Evolva supported Javantura v2 conference.

  • Evolva's latest trends presented at the JavaCro'14 conference.


  • Evolva celebrates its 10th anniversary.

  • Evolva's quality management system was successfully certified according to ISO 9001:2008.

  • Development of new Evolution Framework functionalities.

  • A further increase in the number of employees.

  • At the initiative of Evolva's general manager Matija Tomašković Voogle Idea Accelerator was launched.


  • New employments in Evolva.

  • Evolva introduces its new visual identity.

  • Evolva becomes a member of HUJAK, the Croatian Association of Java Users.


  • Web application for tracking in the city administration.

  • New features for Evolution Framework.

  • Evolva becomes a member of Croatian Independent Software Exporters (CISEx).


  • Evolution Framework Visual Editor (then called GUI Editor) wins a VIDI e-novation award and is supported by BICRO, the Business Innovation Center of Croatia.

  • The beginning of cooperation with new customers Carpe diem, Nesek, Forma, Alfa-Arthro, Kebel-Mont...


  • Upgrading systems for existing customers and contracting new projects.

  • Developing systems for warehouse, procurement and mail filling for Iskon Internet

  • Traffic monitoring software solution for Telegra.


  • Evolva LLC. is founded.

  • Development of a graphical interface of highway traffic flow for Telegra.

  • Software for managing POS housing (government supported housing) sales and maintenance costs.

  • Application for managing meetings of the management board of PBZ.

  • Applications for coordinating Metronet field groups.

  • Development of the EPIS Management application, later called Evolva TMS.




  • TV station marketing system, Evolva MIS, for Varaždinska televizija.

  • Building a software solution for Nova TV TV station.

  • Challenging web system for MojaBaština web portal which included credit card payment, flash visualizations, and the creation of complex PDF books from CMS data.

  • 3D design software for designing underwater pipelines for Danish company Geoline ApS.


  • VIDI Award for the Plitvice Lakes National Park website.


  • Evolva sole proprietorship is founded.

  • Software for the publishing industry for Quark Solutions.

  • System for on-line stock trading for the brokerage firm Fima, which won the prize for Business Innovation at the fair Info.

  • System for keeping business records and a system for selling mobile content for the company J&J.

  • Evolva begins development of EPIS platform, a Java web framework for rapid development of complex business web applications, later renamed Evolution Framework.