Cloud software solutions

Evolva offers a cloud service that allows you to access a business solution anytime, anywhere.

The benefits of cloud solutions

Availability 24 hours a day
You can access the application online at any time, wherever you are.
Quick start
To use the application, you only need the Internet, while our IT experts are concerned about the entire IT infrastructure.

Security and reliability
Your data is on trusted servers with regular backup data.
Everything you need for your business process
All that's needed to run your applications is secured via cloud services.

Frequently asked questions

How can I start?
Follow the registration steps for the Evolva Cloud Solution and you will get access data for use over the Internet. Quick and easy!
What about customer support?
Everyday, we're improving the work of cloud applications for better user experience, and our customer support is available for additional requirements.
How is customer support calculated?
Each Evolva cloud application package includes a number of user hours support that can be used within 1 year. We calculate the time spent to phone and email support with the necessary analysis.
I spent all hours of customer support, what now?
Extra hour of customer support is charged at 40,00 EUR / hour + VAT on the previous offer from our side and offer approval from your side.
I need more space for data and files.
The user package includes a specific data and file space, a additional space is charged according to the price list. Where are my cloud data?
All Evolva Cloud Applications data is contained in a data center with trusted provider of hosting services.

Cloud Application Monitoring?
Our monitoring tools every 5 minutes control the work of our cloud service and inform us in case of a delay.
When will the break in work be removed?
With the removal of the cause of the delay, we start immediately and resolve such situations within our working hours. Work time Evolve is 8am to 6pm from Monday until Friday, except holidays and holidays.
The application doesn't work. What to do?
If the problem is not resolved in the shorter period, please let us know phone: +385 42 658 550 or email to:
What if I want to stop using the service? Upon discontinuation of your use, your data and files will be reversed. Before deleting you can request archive delivery in the form of Excel tables and files.
Do you regularly make improvements?
Yes, we daily analyze the work of cloud applications and improve the cloud business applications for a better user experience.
I need a solution I can't find.
Excellent! We will be very happy to hear your requests and see what we can offer.

Evolva cloud applications

Evolva Debt Collection

Evolva Debt Collection is a web application for efficient management of debt claims with the aim of efficient collection of receivables.
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Evolva TV manager

Cloud scheduling application, media planning, daily playlists, and easy tracking of bids and customer contracts.
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