Debt collection management

Evolva Debt Collection is a web application for debt management which allows you an efficient debt collection. According to the best practise for small teams, the application helps you to execute all activities in the collection process, thus making your work easier with reduced costs and faster payments processing.

Software support for efficient debt collection

Manage your debt portfolio
Enter your receivables, set up your activities, and initiate the following steps in agreement with the debtor.
Debt control
An up-to-date record provides an up-to-date debit balance so you get an overview of the work of the agents and the entire debt process.
Charge your debts faster
Simultaneous processing of multiple debts and monitoring of the entire communication with debtors accelerates all the billing phases.

Plan your income
Record expected payments, monthly installments, payment of a portion of debt or the entire amount of debt.
Efficient work of billing agents
With a clear overview of activities by deadlines, you have all the information and documents needed to deal with debtors.
Improve your team's performance
Track billing agents with reports and find out how your billing process can be even more effective.


Improve your billing process by reviewing and up-to-date records of debtors, debts, documentation, payments, and all activities which you execute from the moment you enter the debtor in the application until the debt is fully settled.

Debt management
Debt overview with various search options is a central place for claim management and work organization.
Task management
With clear assignments, documentation, and communication with the debtors so far, the agent always has everything he needs to handle debts.
Workflow activities
Determine the flow of debt management activities so that after the conversation or sending of documents you have a reminder for the following activities.
Create a reminder for what you need to do on a particular date and ensure that you have all the obligations in one place when the time comes for them.
Quick import of debt portfolio
Entering a list of debtors and debts allows you to distribute a job to agents who will continue working with the data through the application.
Search and sort
Numerous search options make it easy to work with a large number of data so you can easily find debt or multiple debts according to a specific criterion.

Generate documents
To prepare documents for multiple recipients, such as sending a reminder, use templates and prepare all documents with one click.
Income planning
Depending on the deal with the debtor and the announced payments, plan your future income.
Automatic update of the debt amount
Payments from the bank statement are automatically recorded at the appropriate debt, after which you see the status of the remaining debts.
Calls from application
By pressing the debtors's phone number, make a call immediately, without dialing the number in the phone. Make a quick conversation with one click.
Print documents and reports
Simply print out all the reports and documents you need in physical form from the application.
The application provides complete reports on the payment and agents work. Improve the billing process and increase the success of your team!

Try for free

The demo version contains test data to help you see how Evolva Debt Collection works. Try for free
In the demo application you can try out all the features that the application offers.

Quick start

For quick start, you only need internet access without installation and without any additional equipment. With your access data you can immediately resume your work in the app.

Easy to use

Application users say their work has become easier since the first day of use, and you just need to access the Internet for quick start.

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Number of users1-2 users1-5 users6-11 users12+ users
Evolva Debt Collection
all modules
Database sizemax 100 debtsapprox. 2.000 debtsapprox. 5.000 debtsapprox. 10.000 debts
File sizemax 1 GB
(max 1.000 pages)
up to 20 GB
(approx. 100.000 pages)
up to 30 GB
(approx. 300.000 pages)
up to 50 GB
(approx. 500.000 pages)
Customer support
via phone/email
not includedup to 10 hours a yearup to 20 hours a yearup to 30 hours a year
199 EUR
+ VAT / monthly
333 EUR
+ VAT / monthly
599 EUR
+ VAT / monthly
Automatic phone call from application
not includedprice on requestprice on requestprice on request