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Desktop-to-Java-web migration is a process of automatically converting large legacy desktop applications to a Java web platform, while desktop developers migrate quickly and easily to an efficient modern Java web development of business web applications.

Painless migration of desktop developers

Eliminate long trainings and delays in development with Evolution Framework, a Java web framework specialized for business web applications. It is compatible with desktop mode of development and offers a familiar environment to desktop developers for a quick new start.

Fast and easy visual editing of forms

Developing large-scale business applications, that contain hundreds or thousands of screens, without a visual editor is lengthy and expensive. Evolution Framework Visual Editor, with more than 80 visual controls, drastically simplifies this process.

A complete set of tools and technologies

Includes visual tools for design, development, delivery and monitoring of enterprise-level web applications, along with popular functionalities such as document management and workflow management.

Evolution Framework

Automatic conversion of legacy applications

Evolution Framework enables automatic conversion of old desktop applications to a Java web environment. We have successfully carried out such projects for which we were recognized and rewarded.

Automatic conversion of screen layout

One of the first steps of conversion is converting form layouts. Converted screens can be further edited in a web-based visual editor while the framework engine takes care of HTML rendering and AJAX communication with the code on the server.

Automatic code conversion

Evolution Framework's compatibility with a desktop development logic enables an automatic conversion of the code. With (re)implemented old API, developers need to overcome only minor syntax differences.

Panther converter

Based on technologies

Evolution Framework
Java web framework for business web applications.
Panther-to-web converter
Automatic conversion of Panther forms and JPL code to Java web environment.


Privredna banka Zagreb
Conversion of Panther TUI i GUI forms was successfully carried out on 3 projects.

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