Business Process Management

Business process management includes the establishment, automation and control of all process steps, and represents an indispensable component of every business information system. Evolva uses its web-based technology, Evolution BPM, to establish a business process management in its customers' systems quickly and efficiently.


For administration

Higher quality - standardization of business processes, by adhering to work procedures, guides the work in accordance with the business strategy.
Cost reduction - the system can execute certain activities on its own, according to defined rules, thus speeding up the whole process and achieving savings.
Higher efficiency - employees are given clear tasks through the system and therefore are faster and more accurate in their work.
Process supervision - the status of each step of the process is known at any time.
Continuous process improvement - based on statistical reports it is easy to make appropriate changes to improve work processes.

For employees

Rapid information flow - notifications sent upon completion of activities present the people in charge with opportune information.
Accuracy - employees have access to all relevant information and perform clearly defined activities easily.
Automation - the system can execute some activities automatically, thus reducing the amount of work.
Alarms - the system notifies employees when something needs to be done in accordance with the defined steps.
Activity status - knowing exactly where the delay in executing the process steps occured allows for a targeted intervention.
Customer satisfaction - faster service increases the quality of relationships with customers, suppliers and clients.

Main functionalities

Visual process design - creating processes in the system begins with creating a list of all activities and defining tasks that will be sent to employees from the application.

Editing process activities - define rules for executing each activity and use a visual editor to arrange the steps needed in the process.

Automation - define conditions under which you want the system to execute an activity without human intervention, such as sending tasks or email notifications to employees.

Received and sent tasks - the main screen used by employees gives an overview of tasks to be carried out according to priorities wherein a single click can execute several tasks at once.

Visual notifications - user receives notification in real time and with just one click reaches a screen where he continues related tasks.

Rights and responsibilities - define user rights for accessing, creating and executing each process step, depending on the responsibilities assigned to each user.

Email alerts - the system can send email notification automatically when a process step is executed or any other condition is met.

Deadlines - to assure the execution of activites within a specified time frame, the system sends a reminder to the employee in charge or a supervisor.

Reports - statistics on processes and the work of each employee indicate critical points in order to identify opportunities for the improvement and acceleration of each step during the process.

Custom-made possibilities

Evolva offers solutions according to specific customer needs and integration with existing applications already used by the client, with the aim of achieving high efficiency and business goals.

The best practice

Evolution BPM enables superior results such as in debt collection processes, which is why Evolva system has been rated as the best practice and IT solution among 11 banks in the Intesa Sanpaolo Group.

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