Document Management System

All companies deal with a large number of different kinds of documents, such as invoices, contracts, offers, business letters, project documentation, ISO documentation and other. All these documents must be monitored, archived and easily modified, as well as readily available, updated and access controlled.

Evolva's Evolution DMS technology covers all needs of efficient document management by making it faster, easier and more secure, making it a basis of every high quality business IT system. A software solution for business document management based on Evolution DMS supports office work through the entire document lifecycle enabling efficient storage, editing and distribution of each document.


For users

Digitalization - scanning paper documents or uploading electronic versions makes documents available in the system without physical storage.
Centralized archive - the system gathers all documents in one place allowing a fast search of the whole archive, in line with individual authorization rights.
Web-based solution - working through a web browser allows fast access for users from remote locations and mobile devices.
Checkout/checkin - documents can be easily retrieved from the central repository for editing on the local computer, after which a new version is saved back to the central repository.
Rapid communication - emails sent from the system accelerate the distribution of information, especially among employees who work with the same documents.

For the whole organization

Cost reduction - a modern document management solution brings cost savings in printing and archiving, and eliminates the possibility of oversights and physical damage.
Higher efficiency - handling documents through the DMS solution leads to greater speed and accuracy when working with documents.
Multidimensional organization - only with the help of software is it possible to search using multiple criteria, which is not the case when documents are saved on a local disk.
Access control - security rules can be defined for accessing, modifying and deleting each type of document.
Forensics - the system captures all user actions in order to get an insight into the sequence of executed activites.
Security backup - regularly saving a copy of all data protects against unforeseen situations.

Main functionalities

Inbound, outbound and internal documents - the main screen of each document is used for quick data entry by using code books and smart fields, allowing for document classification, document preview and quick edit.
Inserting file - add a Word, Excel, PDF or other document easily by copy-pasteing or uploading it.
Different scanning options - one-, both- or multi-sided scanning allows for rapid digitalization of physical documents.
Conversion options - convert Word or Excel documents to PDF format according to defined settings.
Validation data - data entered will be automatically checked against previously entered data or in line with specific rules to prevent the entry of invalid data.

Document templates - create a template and fill it in with data from the application to have your document ready faster and more accurate.
Search options - perform a quick search by document type, client or partner, date of issue or transaction, using words in the description or any other criteria.
Messages - send a message to another employee with a direct link to the document, including the description of the task that must be done.
Digital signing - insert a digital signature and define the rules for document approval to speed up the process of approval.
Statistics - numerical indicators about creating, modifying and status of all documents facilitate decision making related to document management.

Modern technologies

Evolution DMS is a solution based on Java and other popular technologies, it is compatible with most SQL databases, and can be opened to other solutions such as EMC Documentum.

Integration possibilities

Unlike ready-to-use solutions, Evolva offers custom-made development according to specific customer needs, including integration with other Evolva solutions or any existing application already used by the client.

Evolution BPM

Automating and monitoring the flow of documents through the process of handling and approving can be achieved with Evolution Business Process Management. Learn more

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