August 1, 2022: Evolva d.o.o and Intervia Kft. officially started execution of the BLight project

At the end of July 2022 Evolva d.o.o. and its Hungarian partner Intervia Kft. signed a contract with the Croatian Agency for Small Business, Innovation and Investment (HAMAG-BICRO) to co-finance the project "Voice-driven, cloud based password manager service with hardware activation", in duration of 12 months.

This act officially launched a project that will strengthen Evolva's strategic orientation to innovative products powered by voice and cloud solutions, and during which the cooperation between Croatian and Hungarian experts of these two companies will be strengthened.

During realization of this joint project Evolva d.o.o. is in charge of technical, while Intervia Kft. is responsible for the marketing part of the project.

The project envisages the employment of at least two people as well as numerous activities to promote international and cross-border cooperation and horizontal principles of sustainable development.