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Evolva announced B light project presentation/webinar


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On 27th of July 2022. starting at 14:00h we will have presentation about our B-light project named "Voice driven cloud based password manager service with hardware activation". On this project companies Evolva and Intervia worked during last 12 months. Read more...

Evolva presented the B Light project at the Career Week

May 23, 2022

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Evolva has presented its B Light project and a software solution for voice-driven password management which was developed within the project, at the Career Week 2022 which was held at the Faculty of Organization and Informatics in Varaždin. Read more...

Presentation of the BLight project at the Career Week

March 26, 2022

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From 23rd to 27th of May 2022, organized by CPRSK - Center for Career Support and Development of the Varaždin Faculty of Organization and Informatics, Career Week 2022 will be held. This year, during the fair, Evolva and Intervia as partners on the project 'Voice-driven, cloud based password manager service with hardware activation' will present the project, mutual cooperation and project product. Read more...

Evolva and Intervia officially started BLight project

August 1, 2021

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At the end of July 2022 Evolva d.o.o. and its Hungarian partner Intervia Kft. signed a contract with the Croatian Agency for Small Business, Innovation and Investment (HAMAG-BICRO) to co-finance the project 'Voice-driven, cloud based password manager service with hardware activation', in duration of 12 months. Read more...

Evolva partner of competition Novathon #withPBZ for new banking solutions

April 26, 2017

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Novathon #withPBZ is a 24-hour competition in creating banking applications, that will be held on 23-24 September 2017 in Zagreb, Croatia. As a sponsor of this innovative marathon, Evolva invites developers, web designers, marketing specialists and students in a related field to develop new banking solutions through this exciting event. Read more...

Integrated information system achieved the goals of the EU project

May 5, 2016

Evolva solutions and services

ERP system, developed by Evolva within the EU project, is a modern method that will facilitate the mastering of the business knowledge according to the project's goal which was to use information and communication technologies to create more competent and entrepreneurial workforce. The project finished recently and the project coordinator and its partners have presented results at the final conference... Read more...

Evolva presents Trainee ERP at the Training Firm Fair in Varaždin

April 25, 2016

Evolva solutions and services

As part of the Training Firm Fair which took place in Gospodarska škola Varaždin on April 25th, 2016, teachers from vocational schools from the region were introduced with the Trainee ERP, an educational and information system for the higher employability of students, and were given a detailed demonstration of how this ERP solution works for training firms. Read more...

ERP for training companies presented in Slovenia

April 15, 2016

Evolva solutions and services

Members of the Evolva development team have presented Trainee ERP to students and teachers of the High School of Economics in Maribor, the ERP system which will increase employability of students of secondary vocational schools through the project that is funded by the European Social Fund. After the objectives and expected results of the project The interdisciplinary curriculum of secondary vocational school (ICSVS) were presented at press conferences... Read more...

Software company Evolva among the first to win ISO 9001:2015 certificate

April 13, 2016

Corporate news

Evolva has won the certificate by the latest quality standard ISO 9001:2015 which makes it one of the first companies who implemented this best world practice. ISO 9001:2015 is the latest version of the international standard for quality management system which, through a three-year work of experts from 95 countries, was published in September 2015 as its most important revision in the last few years. Read more...

Trainee ERP presented at the Training Firm Fair in Bjelovar

April 04, 2016

Evolva solutions and services

At the 9th Intercounty Fair of Training Firms, held on April 5th, 2016, in Bjelovar in Croatia, Gospodarska škola Varaždin and Evolva introduced economic school teachers with the educational software Trainee ERP which helps students to prepare better for the business world. Trainee ERP is an information and educational system for the program Training firm that is funded by the European Social Fund. Read more...

Training firms in Croatia get a modern method for learning

March 3, 2016

Evolva solutions and services

The company Evolva started to educate teachers and students of Gospodarska škola Varaždin about using the educational software Trainee ERP in the program Training firm. This educational and information system will help students to gain theoretical knowledge in a simulated business environment and thus increase their competitiveness on the labor market and encourage self-employment. Read more...

Trainee ERP training held at Gospodarska škola Varaždin

February 12, 2016

Evolva solutions and services

Evolva has held the Trainee ERP training at Gospodarska Škola Varaždin to introduce the use of the educational software in the program Training firm. 20 economics teachers from Gospodarska škola Varaždin and Secondary School Ivanec learned about this teaching method which was developed as part of The interdisciplinary curriculum of secondary vocational schools. Read more...

Trainee ERP as part of the EU project presented in Split

January 29, 2016

Evolva solutions and services

At the conference which was held on January 29th, 2016, in the hall of Split-Dalmatia County, the mayor Zlatko Ževrnja and Head of social services Tomislav Đonlić presented two large EU projects involving two schools from Split. As part of one project, Evolva is developing an educational software Trainee ERP that will enable students to acquire theoretical knowledge in a simulated business environment. Read more...

Evolva Xmas party and greetings

December 11, 2015

Corporate news

On Friday, 11th of December, 2015, the traditional Christmas party for Evolva employees was held. In the official part of the evening, CEO Matija Tomašković emphasized a success of the whole team and thanked each member by handing them gifts. The evening continued in a relaxed mood when tournaments in Playstation and Wii games were held, and some competed in card games. While sport and intellectual challenges were lots of fun, the most interesting part of the evening... Read more...

Round table Education for employability of graduates in ICT

November 5, 2015

Corporate news

A round-table named Education for employability of graduates in ICT, as part of the research project Development of models to support graduates early in their career, was held at the Faculty of Organization and Informatics in Varaždin. Round table brought together 40 representatives of students, alumni, teachers, employers and institutions, including Matija Tomašković, the CEO of company Evolva that participates in the project Stand4INFO. Read more...

Evolva guest lecture at RIT Croatia

November 2, 2015

Evolution Framework

As part of the month of information technology at RIT Croatia, the CEO of Evolva Matija Tomašković gave a lecture in which, through the presentation of Evolution Framework, he showed development environment and tools for the efficient development of enterprise web applications, especially mentioning monitoring and continuous performance improvements of large web-based information systems for which students showed great interest. Read more...

Educational ERP system for schools presented in Slavonski Brod

October 16, 2015

Evolva solutions and services

On Friday, October 16th, 2015, a project which includes an educational ERP system developed by Evolva was presented at a press conference held at high school Matija Antun Reljković in Slavonski Brod. A business software is very important component of this project which aims to introduce ICT teaching methods in curriculum as well as interdisciplinary activities in order to obtain relevant vocational and entrepreneurial skills. Read more...

Round table as part of the conference Education for entrepreneurship

September 30, 2015

Corporate news

A first workshop for the exchange of experience and teacher training within the project 3P - I plan, act, promote! was held at the Faculty of Organization and Informatics in Varaždin. The workshop was in the form of a round table moderated by Ksenija Vuković as part of the international scientific conference Education for entrepreneurship, where as a representative of entrepreneurs participated Matija Tomašković, founder and CEO of Evolva. Read more...

Evolva participates in creating new education standards

September 28, 2015

Corporate news

The project Stand4INFO was introduced, within which Evolva helps to define knowledge that educational institutions in the field of computer science must provide to students so that they obtain adequate qualifications for IT professions. This is one of the two projects financed from EU funds in which Evolva is involved as an IT partner to help to shape education to specific needs of the labor market. Read more...

Evolva moved into a new office

June 30, 2015

Corporate news

Evolva has recently moved into a new office as part of the business building at the entrance to the city of Varaždin. Since its beginnings, Evolva was located in Technology Park Varaždin where its business was supported by the innovative environment and has grown into a regionally recognized IT partner for the development of Java web-based IT systems. Evolva team has 19 experts and further growth is expected to continue in the coming years. Read more...

Source code for Evolva fiscalization API

June 15, 2015

Evolva solutions and services

Evolva has developed a fiscalization API module which, when integrated into an existing information system, enables an exchange of data with tax authorities and it is delivered with the source code so that client's technical support or their own IT department can make further upgrades. The module was delivered to VABA bank Varaždin where it is used for transactions in their currency exchange offices. Read more...

Evolva creates educational ERP system

May 26, 2015

Evolva solutions and services

Evolva is participating as a partner on the project "The interdisciplinary curriculum of secondary vocational schools" within which the ERP system will be developed for the purposes of the programme Training firm. Evolva will develop an integrated information system that is going to support learning how to manage business which includes accounting, payroll, procurement, warehouse management, sales and production monitoring. Read more...

Evolva is the main sponsor of international JavaCro'15 conference

May 12, 2015

Evolution Framework

The 4th International Conference JavaCro'15 has brought more than 200 participants at the Red Island near Rovinj in Croatia, under the main sponsorship by the company Evolva. The main topics, Java cloud and Java EE 8, were covered through the total of 48 lecturers. Evolva's IT specialists contributed to these interesting topics by sharing their experiences when it comes to innovative solutions in business practice. Read more...

EU grants for the informatization of business processes for Croatian SMEs

February 10, 2015

Evolva solutions and services

The ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts continues to receive applications for the call The application of ICT technologies to improve business processes. A large amount of available funds are still waiting for well-prepared projects. Companies who are looking for an experienced partner for the informatization of their business processes can contact Evolva to arrange the cooperation. Read more...

Evolva supports sports and healthy life

November 22, 2014

Corporate news

Evolva is a sponsor of the international dance tournament Croatia Open Varaždin and a table tennis tournament which will be held in Varaždin. By supporting these events Evolva is trying to help the community in a way that promotes the importance of sports and real values in general. Sports spirit and a healthy life are being constantly encouraged within the company Evolva, especially through sport events where Evolva's employees enjoy their time on a weekly basis. Read more...

Evolva at the event "FOI students in practice"

November 22, 2014

Corporate news

As part of the course "Management of IT services", the Centre for student support and career development invited entrepreneurs to talk to students of the Faculty of Organization and Informatics about IT in practice. Matija Tomašković, Evolva's general manager and former student of FOI, always gladly responds to invitation of the Faculty of Organization and Informatics to share his experiences. Read more...

Help for the Association for Down syndrome

November 21, 2014

Corporate news

Evolva and its employees joined the campaign to help the Association for Down Syndrome Međimurje County. By giving donation and purchasing calendars "Big and small stars 2015" we are helping to raise funds for financing rehabilitation treatments that are needed for further development of children with Down syndrome. We invite you to join us in raising the quality of life of these children. Read more...

Evolva supported Javantura v2 conference

November 17, 2014

Corporate news

Javantura v2 was held in November 15, 2014, in the halls of the Croatian Chamber of Economy. The attendance of the conference confirms the popularity of the Java programming language which is widely used in Croatia and across the world. Evolva has been using Java technologies for many years to develop quality business web applications and to help companies to use advanced technologies to achieve their business goals easily. Read more...

Evolva DMS solution for Eko Međimurje

October 31, 2015

Evolva solutions and services

EKO MEĐIMURJE is the company with great expertise in production of metal structures and it was awarded as the best large company in the region. Its operations include large amounts of business documents daily which is why a custom-made solution was needed to support this process. Evolva has built a web-based IT system which automates and controls a significant part of the document management process, thus making the work of 70 employees much easier and faster.

Evolva supported the European Baseball Championship

July 21, 2014

Corporate news

Having recognized the sport spirit, Evolva has sponsored the European Baseball Championship Junior Qualifier which was held in July 2014 and was organized by Baseball klub Vindija, the Union of Sport Associations of the city of Varaždin and the City of Varaždin. Evolva supported this competition with the aim to introduce a baseball to the public and encourage young people to get involved in this sport. Read more...

Evolva's latest trends presented at the JavaCro'14 conference

May 15, 2014

Evolution Framework

At the JavaCro'14 conference held recently Evolva has presented latest trends related to the use of technology Evolution Framework in efficient development of business web applications. Lectures given by Evolva's speakers have aroused a great interest and the audience assigned them high ratings in individual thematic categories and in the overall ranking of all lectures. Read more...

Evolva is the main sponsor of the JavaCro'14 Conference

May 7, 2014

Corporate news

JavaCro'14 conference will be held in May 2014 in Poreč, Croatia, and the main sponsor of the conference is Evolva. The cooperation between Evolva and JavaCro conferences dates back to 2011 when Evolva supported the establishment of the Croatian Java Users Association. Shortly after that the first Croatian Java conference was held in the partnership of CroJUA and the Croatian Oracle User Group. Read more...

Xmas party for Evolva employees

December 19, 2013

Corporate news

Pre-Christmas gathering of Evolva's employees was held on Thursday, December 19th 2013, at the restaurant Varaždinbreg. Company's CEO Matija Tomašković, in his review of the previous year, highlighted significant success of ongoing projects as well as new employments which is both expected to continue in 2014. All employees have received appropriate gifts, which was followed by socializing and music.

Evolva as a partner at Voogle Idea Accelerator

December 12, 2013

Evolva solutions and services

Companies from Technology Park Varaždin have designed a program for the development of entrepreneurial ideas, called Voogle Idea Accelerator. Evolva participates as a partner for the web application development and other companies will provide product design, sales strategy services and legal services. The program is intended for everyone who would like to realize their great ideas through a quality partnership. Read more...

Evolva at Bicro conference Round table

December 11, 2013

Corporate news

At the Round table entitled "Experiences of successful PoC projects" as part of the Bicro conference "The internationalization of business and entrepreneurship" which was held at Hotel Sheraton on December 11th 2013, Matija Tomašković presented Evolva's experiences with the Proof-of-Concept project. Matija stressed the attention that is paid to improving Evolva technology and software tools, pointing out the great role of PoC projects in this process. Read more...

Slovakian delegation visits Evolva

September 23, 2013

Corporate news

The delegation of the Bratislava region, during its visit to the county of Varaždin, visited Evolva. Evolva's successes and projects were discussed at the brief meeting, as well as benefits of the technology park for innovative companies. General manager Matija Tomašković emphasized a solution ePisarnica which Evolva implemented in the City of Varaždin, and he also talked about the modernization of legacy systems that can be achieved with Evolva technology. Read more...

Prva gimnazija Varaždin awards Evolva with appreciation letter

July 2, 2013

Corporate news

At a reception held at Prva gimnazija Varaždin, Evolva received an appreciation letter for their donation given to students participating in the American Computer Science League held in the United States. On behalf of Evolva, its marketing manager, Nikolina Tomašković expressed her delight that Evolva had the opportunity to help young talents participate in an elite contest. Read more...

Highest marks for Evolution Framework at the JavaCro'13 conference

June 26, 2013

Evolution Framework

The demonstration of Evolution Framework visual tools has received the highest marks in the thematic section "Web & mobile" as well as in the overall ranking of all lectures at the JavaCro'13 conference. The audience was delighted to see this complete set of tools that brings multiple benefits from the programming and management point of view. Read more...

Evolva solutions exceed European standards

June 26, 2013

Evolva solutions and services

A solution for the strategic debt collection, which Evolva has implemented in one of the largest Croatian banks, has been rated as the best practice and the best IT solution within the group of 11 European banks. This successful solution was presented at the JavaCro'13 conference and the lecture was given highest marks for the topic and presentation success in the thematic section "Solutions and business cases". Read more...

Evolva at JavaCro '13 conference

May 27, 2013

Evolva solutions and services

As a sponsor of the JavaCro '13 conference, Evolva supports the CroJUA association and the entire Java community in Croatia, which is why the Evolva team will present its successful projects through two lectures. We will talk about the technical aspects of the debt collection system which was rated as the best practice among 10 European banks and at the workshop we will demonstrate capabilities of Evolution Framework that was used for the development of this system. Read more...

10 years anniversary of company Evolva

March 28, 2013

Corporate news

Evolva celebrates its 10 years of successful business. Over the years Evolva has built numerous business solutions for financial institutions, telecommunication companies, local government and other industries. Today it employs 10 employees who use advanced technologies for high efficiency. At the anniversary celebration, CEO Matija Tomašković expressed his satisfaction with their previous achievements and pointed out plans for the future.

Evolva achieves ISO 9001:2008 certification

March 27, 2013

Corporate news

Evolva's quality management system was successfully certified according to ISO 9001:2008. This acknowledgement confirms the company's high standards of operation and guarantees Evolva's customers and business partners high level of organization and services. A system is set up with the aim to provide guidelines for business management supported by Evolva TMS, an application for document management and the recording of working hours. Read more...

Evolution Framework gets new HTML5 features

February 25, 2013

Evolution Framework

HTML5 Canvas control has been created and added to Evolution Framework's control set. Adding Canvas control to the form in the Visual Editor enables developers to use full HTML5 Canvas JavaScript API directly from Java code. This means that developers can draw different kinds of lines and geometric objects, as well as fill a canvas with text and images, directly from Java without worrying about underlying JavaScript.

Evolva's new visual identity

November 29, 2012

Corporate news

Evolva continuously improves its solutions and now the same was done with its corporate materials. Along with a new company logo, product logos, brochures and business documents there was also a new corporate website made that reflects a modern and innovative character of the company Evolva. The project was co-funded by the Ministry of Business and Trade under the program of stimulating market positioning towards success. Read more...

Evolution Framework receives highest marks at the HrOUG conference

October 18, 2012

Evolution Framework

At the 17th HrOUG conference, which took place in Rovinj, Croatia, in October 2012, Evolva gave a presentation titled "Evolution Framework - a complete framework for enterprise Java web applications - the best practice". The lecture received the highest marks, based on theme and presentation quality, in the Java thematic group. Read more...

Evolva visited JavaOne conference in San Francisco

October 8, 2012

Corporate news

We have visited one of the biggest Java conferences in the world and got acquainted with new achievements in Java technology, as well as engaged in discussions about its future according to this year's conference theme "Make the future Java". This was also an opportunity to get firsthand information about finding investors and visit the headquarters of the biggest giants in Silicon Valley.

Highest marks for painless migration at Java conference

May 29, 2012

Evolva solutions and services

At the first Croatian Java conference Evolva presented the concept of painless migration using the automatic conversion of desktop applications to Java web technology. The workshop explained the role of the desktop2web converter with which desktop developers can upgrade old desktop screens and start delivering new business web applications without any knowledge of web technologies. Read more...