Evolution Framework

Evolva guest lecture at RIT Croatia

November 2, 2015

Evolution Framework

As part of the month of information technology at RIT Croatia, the CEO of Evolva Matija Tomašković gave a lecture in which, through the presentation of Evolution Framework, he showed development environment and tools for the efficient development of enterprise web applications, especially mentioning monitoring and continuous performance improvements of large web-based information systems for which students showed great interest. Read more...

Evolva is the main sponsor of international JavaCro'15 conference

May 12, 2015

Evolution Framework

The 4th International Conference JavaCro'15 has brought more than 200 participants at the Red Island near Rovinj in Croatia, under the main sponsorship by the company Evolva. The main topics, Java cloud and Java EE 8, were covered through the total of 48 lecturers. Evolva's IT specialists contributed to these interesting topics by sharing their experiences when it comes to innovative solutions in business practice. Read more...

Evolva's latest trends presented at the JavaCro'14 conference

May 15, 2014

Evolution Framework

At the JavaCro'14 conference held recently Evolva has presented latest trends related to the use of technology Evolution Framework in efficient development of business web applications. Lectures given by Evolva's speakers have aroused a great interest and the audience assigned them high ratings in individual thematic categories and in the overall ranking of all lectures. Read more...

Highest marks for Evolution Framework at the JavaCro'13 conference

June 26, 2013

Evolution Framework

The demonstration of Evolution Framework visual tools has received the highest marks in the thematic section "Web & mobile" as well as in the overall ranking of all lectures at the JavaCro'13 conference. The audience was delighted to see this complete set of tools that brings multiple benefits from the programming and management point of view. Read more...

Evolution Framework gets new HTML5 features

February 25, 2013

Evolution Framework

HTML5 Canvas control has been created and added to Evolution Framework's control set. Adding Canvas control to the form in the Visual Editor enables developers to use full HTML5 Canvas JavaScript API directly from Java code. This means that developers can draw different kinds of lines and geometric objects, as well as fill a canvas with text and images, directly from Java without worrying about underlying JavaScript.

Evolution Framework receives highest marks at the HrOUG conference

October 18, 2012

Evolution Framework

At the 17th HrOUG conference, which took place in Rovinj, Croatia, in October 2012, Evolva gave a presentation titled "Evolution Framework - a complete framework for enterprise Java web applications - the best practice". The lecture received the highest marks, based on theme and presentation quality, in the Java thematic group. Read more...