Custom business software development

We use the latest web technologies to build modern enterprise applications according to specific clients' requirements, to enable maximum performance of their key business processes and accelerate or entirely automate them and generate time and financial savings to customers. Our rich experience allows us to understand various business needs and design optimal solution for each client.

How we do it

Software development

We can provide business web applications development service at your location when this is required for infrastructural and safety reasons, or if our IT professionals must work closely to your employees. By respecting specifics of your situation we adjust to technical and business aspects of the project in order to get a top result when making your custom IT solution.

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Software integration and consulting

We are familiar with numerous technologies, which makes it easy for us to integrate technologically heterogenous systems. Based on long time experience and knowing capabilities of web technology, we offer assistance in designing software solutions in order to achieve maximum business results.

Automated web application testing

Evolva offers software testing service based on automation which allows record-and-playback of activities in web browser that measure performance and detect bugs. After executing tests we prepare reports with tests results and perform retesting after fixing. Automated testing helps you to deliver quality software faster and to ensure undisturbed usage for your end users. We help developers to provide a great stability of their software under different types of loads and scenarios.

How we do it

Automatic conversion of desktop applications to web applications

With an automatic desktop-to-web converter and Java web framework that has necessary technological compatibility, we allow for a fast transfer of desktop form layouts and the old code to a new environment. Converted forms can be further edited in a visual web-based editor and enriched with dozens of new rich controls, as well as with modern functionalities that are typical for business web applications, such as document management and workflow management.

How we do it

Migration of desktop developers to Java web development

We have the experience and technology for a quick and easy migration of desktop programmers to efficient Java web development. Keep the focus of your developers on solving business problems rather that dealing with technical difficulties of complex web technologies. Our Evolution Framework is an enterprise-level environment with advanced tools for design, development, configuration and monitoring of business web applications.

How we do it

Supported technologies

Evolva technologies
Application interface prototyping
› Evolution visual form editor
› Demo builder
Java web framework
› Evolution Framework
Business process management
› Evolution BPM
Document management
› Evolution DMS
Automatic desktop-to-web converter
› Panther-to-Java-web converter
Java technologies
Servlets, JDBC, JNDI, RMI, JNI, J/Direct, Java (signed) applets, Java Advanced Imaging (JAI)
XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery
Communication / integration
Sockets, web services - REST, WSDL, SOAP
Document management
EMC Documentum
PDF, Excel, Word, SVG, image rendering, animated graphs
PL/SQL, Panther, JAM, JPL, C/C++
Operating systems / platforms
Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac
Application servers
Apache Tomcat, IBM WebSphere, Glassfish, JBoss
Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL server, PostgreSQL, HyperSQL
Selenium WebDriver, Apache JMeter