Software development outsourcing

We can provide business web applications development service at your location when this is required for infrastructural and safety reasons, or if our IT professionals must work closely to your employees.

By respecting specifics of your situation we adjust to technical and business aspects of the project in order to get a top result when making your custom IT solution.

Our IT specialists profiles


Java SE 8

certified software developers
Specialist / IT consultantSoftware architectSenior developerDeveloper
Years of experience in design and development of Java applications in the financial industry7+5+4+1+
Knowledge about the architecture and design of Java multi-tier applications and object-oriented programmingSpecialistSpecialistProfessionalProfessional
Experience in programming and using following technologies/tools:
Java reflection, Java servlets, Java applets, Java signed applets, Java annotations+++
Java util, Java I/O++++
Java JNI, Java RMI++
Java multithreading+++
Java/Evolution reporting: PDF, Excel, Word++++
Java Virtual Machine setup++++
Java Virtual Machine tuning+++
TCP/IP, Sockets, WSDL+++
XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery++++
Java AWT, Java Swing+++
Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL++++
Years of experience in working with Evolution Framework5+3+2+0.5+
Years of experience in developing a Java web framework5+
as developer and architect
as developer and architect
Experience in using Evolution Framework converter for conversion of Panther and JAM applications++++
Project management+++
Familiar with project methodology++++
Software engineering knowledge++++