Strategic debt collection IT system

The strategic debt collection system serves for the effective planning, execution, monitoring and optimization of debt collection. Use the power of IT technology for high efficiency and maximum results in working with a large number of debtors.

Efficient debt collection and debt portfolio optimization

Control over the billing process brings numerous advantages for the management, administration, billing coordinators and staff, allowing them to successfully manage the collection in the desired direction.

Continuous improvements in accordance with the PDCA concept

Defining debt collection strategies leads to the automatic or manual execution of required activities with continuous performance monitoring and control of staff efficiency, with the purpose of easier and faster operation and implementation of successful strategies.

Advanced technology and visual tools

The system is based on the Evolution Framework technology which includes a visual editor to quickly create a large number of screens, advanced functionalities for document and process management, and automatic reports of critical importance for successful decision making.

Best practice in the group

Evolva's debt collection system, which is implemented in Privredna banka Zagreb, has been rated as the best practice and IT solution among 11 banks in the Intesa Sanpaolo Group due to its successful results.

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