Voice UI password manager

A constantly growing number of professionals in IT industry must handle a large number of strong passwords while using different web applications and services on a daily basis. To save a significant amount of time and increase productivity worldwide, Evolva from Croatia and Intervia from Hungary joined in a project "Voice-driven, cloud based password manager service with hardware activation", co-financed by Interreg V-A Hungary Croatia Programme by HAMAG-BICRO.

This innovation will facilitate work of software developers and testers, system, database and network administrators, technical support engineers and others who use all kinds of web applications and web services every day. To ensure secure access, different login credentials is required for each account which must be retrieved each time they login. A voice-driven password manager will allow them to speed up the usage of various web applications and maintain their working focus, while getting strong login data using their voice.

When asked for login data, user will simply press a push-to-talk button or a key combination and give a command by voice to retrieve username and password. When voice command is executed and credentials are fetched, push-to-talk button gives visual feedback, credentials are copied to clipboard or autocompleted in browser forms, allowing user to log in successfully and securely.

This innovative solution will be available for English, Croatian and Hungarian, while support for other languages will be added afterwards. With zero training time for using natural speech to give a voice command, it will be easy to use.

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