Database and filesystem extra space

Will the system allow data entry out of my package of
Yes, they will, but they will send a warning to email. The first month breaks down the data limit is not charged.
Which records are counted in the database?
All your records on the day of the month when their number was maximum is counted.

How do I reduce the number of records?
Unnecessary records can be deleted if you no longer need them. Before deleting, you can request archive delivery in the form of Excel tables and ZIP archive files, which are charged one time in the amount of 30% of the monthly package price.
How much documentation do I get in 1 GB?
200,000 A4 pages of text in Wordu without pictures or 5,000 pages of text in Wordu with a logo on the page or 5,000 pages of scanned color documentation.

Price list

2,60 EUR + VAT monthly

For every additional 10,000 records in the database.

0,25 EUR + VAT monthly

For each additional 1 GB file space.

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