Custom business software development

By using advanced technology, Evolva creates business web applications that generate time and financial savings to customers by enabling:

Automatization and monitoring of business processes

Document management

Faster and easier execution of operations

Reports for faster and more accurate decision making

With tools for rapid prototyping of business application interfaces we are able to quickly show a final look and feel of the entire solution, even before programmers start developing. Our advanced development tools provide a fast delivery while tools for high quality monitoring ensure a controlled quality performance of a delivered software solution.

Industry references

Over the course of 13 years we have successfully completed more than 100 projects which included business applications for the following industries:
› banking and finance
› telecommunications
› city administration
› construction
› retail
› publishing

Our process of making a software

The concrete steps in the process of developing business software or a custom-made IT solution depend on many factors of the project, but our projects' lifecycles mainly include the following phases:

Process phaseActivitiesWhoResults
Meeting between client and IT system architectThe client presents Evolva with goals they want to achieve with a new IT solution. A software architect analyzes user requirements and their technical aspects. Usually clients do not have a detailed specification of their requests at this stage, but they do have a clear vision and goal which they want, with our help, to transform into a final and optimal IT solution.Client and Evolva - Minutes of the meeting
- Functional specifications draft
- Cost estimate of the application development
Design / prototyping A software architect plans the solution architecture and makes a visual prototype of the user interface which he instantly fills with demo data so that the client can see the final look of the application that will be delivered to them. Evolva - Technical specification draft
- Visual prototype of application
Verification of the visual prototype An architect and client review the visual prototype of the application and note the necessary changes. Minor changes are done right away during the meeting thus reducing the need for repeating this step.Client and Evolva - Final visual prototype of application
- Final functional and technical specifications
- Final financial offer
Programming and system testing Programmers start coding according to the visual prototype. Upon completion of certain units, the system is tested simultaneously.Evolva - Executive version of the application
- Testing records
System integration and configurationEvolva installs the system on a central web application server and configures the system for use on the client's infrastructure or, if needed, on Evolva cloud infrastructure. Evolva - Installed application
- Installation records
- Technical documentation
TrainingEvolva trains all users who will work with the system, usually directly at their location. The advantage of a web application is that users need only a web browser on their computers, without any other requirements and installation. This also means that the application is accessible through web browsers on smart phones and tablets. Client and Evolva - Trained users
- Instructions for use
- The application is running!
System monitoring Through automated technical reports Evolva monitors the performance of running application and handles potencial undesirable situations. Evolva - Monitored system is operating
- Monitoring reports
- Records on intervention
Further upgrades Each deployed business application covers a certain part of the client's business sector and every business system changes over time. Our applications are built in a way that by changing their configuration (which can be performed by the user himself) they are resistant to changes in the business environment. In case of any unexpected and unsupported changes, applications are technically upgraded by developers and a new version is almost immediately deployed without interrupting users. Client and Evolva - Updated system that follows the growth and changes in the client's business