Panther-to-Java-web converter

Panther-to-Java-web converter is a software tool for automatic conversion of old Panther and JAM forms to Java web forms. It is supported by Evolution Framework that allows converted applications to be further upgraded with modern business components such as business process management, workflow management, and a wide selection of ready control sets.

Conversion of form layout

The automatic converter converts the original form layout to an XML format which is used by Evolution Framework Visual Editor, allowing applications to be modified easily and further upgraded.

Conversion of form code

Automatic conversion allows you to reuse the original code and functionalities of your existing applications in order to significantly reduce production costs. Bring more quality to your development by keeping the business value of your old code.

Learning tool for a quick start of web development

Developers who work with legacy technologies use a converter tool for immediate delivery of web forms without knowing complex web technologies. After converting desktop forms, developers can compare the old code with the new Java form code, which makes it easy for them to learn the syntax quickly and overcome the complexity of web technologies without additional education.

Painless migration to Java web

Evolva offers migration services for development teams that work with Panther technologies and want to start web development in the shortest possible time. Learn more about a painless migration based on Panther-to-Java-web converter and Evolution Framework tools.

Evolution Framework

Migration case study

Find out how we migrated an enterprise desktop applications and a development team to the web in the shortest time and as easy as possible: Migrating Desktop Applications and Teams to Java Web.

Example of conversion

Old GUI form

Converted form
in web browser

Converted form
in Visual Editor