Where are my data?

The primary location of evolva.cloud is in the data center of German company Hetzner, a specialized and reliable provider of hosting services: http://www.hetzner.de

Secondary location where backups are stored is the Evolva location.

Backup to two locations

Primary location
Data and filesystem backup is done in real-time (RAID1).
The last 30 day backups are stored.

Secondary location
The last 30 day backups are stored.
The last 12 months backups are stored.
Monthly backups are stored in two physically separated copies.

Less worries for you

Don't worry about the hardware / spare parts for the server.
Don't worry about maintaining the operating system.
Don't worry about Internet connection and network spare parts.
Don't worry about continuous power supply (UPS) and air-conditioned room for servers.

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