Software company Evolva among the first to win ISO 9001:2015 certificate

April 13, 2016 - The company Evolva has won the certificate by the latest quality standard ISO 9001:2015 which makes it one of the first companies who implemented this best world practice.

ISO 9001:2015 is the latest version of the international standard for quality management system which, through a three-year work of experts from 95 countries, was published in September 2015 as its most important revision in the last few years. The new standard requires that the business is led strategically through reviewing internal and external factors that are related to the context and goals of the organization. The particular emphasis is placed on the leadership and decision-making based on evidence where people who carry out certain tasks must be aware of their contribution to the effectiveness of the quality management system. Thus, the process approach and thinking based on risks and opportunities aim to increase customer satisfaction because of which the company exists.

Only a small number of companies in Croatia, but also in the wider region, has this certificate which makes Evolva the leader in the quality management according to the latest world standards. Even when, years ago, Evolva's quality system was certified for the first time auditors commended Evolva's information system that supports its successful quality management. Over the years, experts from Evolva continued to improve the software to specific needs for the higher efficiency and better decision making, which is understandable because Evolva is specialized for the custom software development. Since the company pays a great attention to improving its services a transition to new quality management requirements was a logical step.

The audit was performed by experts from Lloyd's Register, one of the leading organizations in managing and improving performance of the organization according to internationally recognized standards, which confirms this success even more. Today, Evolva employs 20 experts specialized in informatization of the business who will continue to provide high quality services and use an advanced information technology to create software solutions that bring time and cost savings to their users and enable them to achieve their business goals easier.