Evolva offers source code for its fiscalization API

Evolva has developed a fiscalization API module which, when integrated into an existing information system, enables an exchange of data with tax authorities, and it is delivered with the source code so that client's technical support or their own IT department can make further upgrades. The module was delivered to VABA bank Varaždin where it is used for transactions in their currency exchange offices.

This is the Java module that provides methods for fiscalization of invoices for cash transactions, opening and closing of business offices as well as other changes of their data, and insertion of necessary certificates. The module can be installed in any information system on Java platform and it works on all Tomcat and WebSphere application servers.

For all legal entities who issue invoices for cash transactions, and are therefore obligated to perform fiscalization, this solution enables them to integrate functionalities of the fiscalization module into their existing information system and independently make necessary upgrades whenever needed.