Evolva at Bicro conference round-table discussion

At the round-table discussion entitled "Experiences of successful PoC projects" as part of the Bicro conference "The internationalization of business and entrepreneurship" held at Hotel Sheraton on December 11th 2013, Matija Tomašković presented Evolva's experiences with the PoC project.

After the technical feasibility of the visual editor for business web applications has been proven at the first PoC circle, Evolva has developed a completely functional tool that is now a part of Evolution Framework for the efficient development of enterprise web applications. Matija stressed the attention that is paid to improving Evolva technology and software tools, pointing out the great role of PoC projects in this process.

Apart from the representative from Evolva, the round-table discussion brought together representatives of Citus, EDC, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, and Science and Technology Park of the University of Rijeka who have also successfully implemented PoC projects. Participants at the round-table discussion shared their experiences when it comes to technology transfer and the commercialization of their projects with a special emphasis on the positive effects of the implementation of the projects through the PoC program.