Voice-controlled POS terminal

The voice-controlled POS terminal is an ideal solution for contactless and cashless payment of issued invoices using mobile devices (phones and/or tablets). It is a simple web service tailored to salesmen and service businesses that do not have POS devices for card payments.

The voice user interface, except that it significantly speeds up the billing process, allows issuing and billing without the use of fingers, which is especially suitable for activities where the salesman's hands are constantly busy or dirty due to the nature of work (fish markets, butchers, car repair shops, etc.). Also, built-in support for a payment method allows customers to make cashless payments via their mobile phones.

Advantages of using a voice-controlled POS terminal

Unique voice control enables fast and efficient billing - by giving a voice command, the user performs the billing process faster, because speaking is much faster than typing and mouse clicking. One few-second voice command replaces multiple consecutive operations.
Artificial intelligence - the more often users use voice control, the more application is improved through machine learning for even greater efficiency in the future.
Quick start - the use of voice interface does not require employee training, but only the online help provided in the interface, thus eliminating time and cost of mentors who will no longer be needed to educate employees.
More advanced customer service - by adding the voice control, users follow the needs of the modern man, thus gaining a clear and tangible advantage over the competition.

Advantages of paying with QR IPS code

Instant inflow of collected funds - the money is in the seller's account already with the payment confirmation, within a few seconds.
Lowest fees - transaction fees are lower than with standard forms of card payment.
Complete security for seller - because the money comes directly to his account in his commercial bank.
Complete security for client - because payment is made through the client's bank through secure channels.

Call for cooperation

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The project of prototyping this solution is co-financed by the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts of the Republic of Croatia from the State Aid Program for the Verification of the Innovative Concept (PoC 8).

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