Voice control for business applications

Voice control for devices and online content research done by voice command (eng. voice recognition, speech command) is becoming more common way of using mobile phones today, and now Croatian software company Evolva offers its own business applications that support this new type of management.

Evolva has developed a voice user interface for business applications. This interface is so intiuitive and functional that through voice control it allows fast transfer of user commands and data for input into the application, without the use of a keyboard or a mouse, while feedback and results of user commands are still displayed in a classic way, visually on the application screen. This innovative solution is of great help to business users who work with a large amount of data and documents on a daily basis.

Watch a demo movie that shows benefits and the acceleration you get while working in Evolva business web applications by using a voice interface (the movie is in Croatian):

Advantages of managing application through speech

Much faster work in the application - by giving a voice command the user gets requested information or document faster, because talking is much faster than typing and mouse clicking, especially when working with complex applications and a large amount of documents and data. One voice command that takes a few seconds replaces up to ten consecutive operations to access the requested data or some other function of the application.
Quick start - the use of voice interface does not require employee training, but only the online help provided in the interface, thus eliminating time and cost of mentors who will no longer be needed to educate employees.
Artificial intelligence - the more often users use voice control, the more application is improved through machine learning for even greater efficiency in the future.
Better IT services - by adding the voice management, business users follow the needs of the modern man, thus gaining a clear and tangible advantage over the competition.
Ergonomic interaction with computer - voice-visual interaction with business application enables a smooth exchange of commands and the results of these commands with the computer, especially in repetitive actions.
More human communication - the interaction with the computer becomes more natural, which brings it closer to the human communication, so technology adapts to user, and not the other way around. This positively affects employee satisfaction and motivation.
Easier use of application on mobile devices - more complex application functions, previously impractical for use on mobile devices, when using voice control are now available on mobile devices to people on the go.
Easier application upgrade process - when upgrading applications to newer versions, the voice interface, unlike the classic one, remains exactly the same.
Accelerated upgrade - we want to continuously upgrade the application, based on user behavior, in accordance with user needs.

Some of the voice control features

Retrieving document data - the application responds to saying the name or certain characteristics of the document by displaying the requested document.
Entering data into the application - when entering data, the user can say an already known entry so that the application can recognize it and enter it in the appropriate field, without the need to type it manually.
Report generation - when the user says the command eg "create a report of working hours for the last two weeks for the procurement department" the application creates the required report and displays it on the screen.
Complex filtering - when searching by multiple criteria, the user lists all the requirements to which the application responds by displaying all search results.
Advanced use - the application can predict the intentions and desired actions of the user, in order to always be one step ahead of the user and also to offer him opportunities in the current context.
Integration - the ability to integrate voice control into Evolva software solutions as well as with other IT systems which client already uses.

Call for cooperation

If you have business needs for which you see the possible implementation of this technology, we invite you to contact us for a cooperation. Contact us!

The project of prototyping this solution is co-financed by the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts of the Republic of Croatia from the State Aid Program for the Verification of the Innovative Concept (PoC 8).

Work faster and easier!

If you want to work faster and easier in a business application, with the latest voice management technology, contact us at: info@evolva.hr

Custom software development

We make modern business web applications according to the specific requirements of clients. In accordance with the business needs of users, we create a software solution that simplifies the business process, speeds up or fully automates the work, with significant savings. And from now on, working in the application can be even more efficient and satisfying with voice control!

System integration

We offer a software integration service, including the integration of Evolva business web applications with accounting systems, ERP and other systems.