ERP for training companies presented in Slovenia

Members of the Evolva development team have presented Trainee ERP to students and teachers of the High School of Economics in Maribor, the ERP system which will increase employability of students of secondary vocational schools through the project that is funded by the European Social Fund.

After the objectives and expected results of the project The interdisciplinary curriculum of secondary vocational school (ICSVS) were presented at press conferences in Varaždin, the city of the project coordinator, and Slavonski Brod and Split, cities where project partners are from, the project's results were presented outside the borders of Croatia.

As a part of the visit to the High School of Economics in Maribor, the project team showed how an educational software Trainee ERP helps students under the supervision of their teachers in the program Training firm to perform tasks from various organizational units just like in the real business world. This was an opportunity for Croatian schools who participate in this project to exchange their experiences with Slovenian colleagues. Teachers who manage training firms at the High School of Economics in Maribor have shown a great interest in the Trainee ERP which is a modern teaching method that allows students to perform specific tasks in a simulated business environment, while teachers prepare classes easier as well as test student's knowledge, which alltogether allows the practical implementation of the theoretical knowledge.

Trainee ERP as an information and educational system achieves the main goal of the project, which is to introduce information and communication teaching methods and interdisciplinary activities in order to acquire vocational and entrepreneurial knowledge and skills for greater competence of students in the labor market.

Teachers from economic schools from the region, who didn't have an apportunity to learn more details on the Trainee ERP so far, are invited to join the presentation that will be held at the Training Firm Fair in Varaždin on April 25, 2016. For more information please follow the official website of the project.