Evolva as a partner at Voogle Idea Accelerator

Successful companies from Technology Park Varaždin have jointly designed a program for entrepreneurial idea development called Voogle Idea Accelerator, intended for anyone looking for a partner for their entrepreneurial venture.

Matija Tomašković, CEO of Evolva, initiated the program when, based on many queries in the past, he recognized the need for partnership in the implementation of business ideas. Evolva is participating in the program as a partner for the development of enterprise web applications and will offer IT solution development and support. Other partners in the program are MediaTrend, Colorama, Valdez, Law office Jelaković and others which will provide product design, sales strategy services and legal services.

At the program presentation, which was held in the Technology Park Varaždin on December 12th, 2013, the importance of investing in new ideas was emphasized and several projects that have been realized through successful partnerships were presented, such as BodyRecog and eOdvjetnik.

Anyone who has a great idea and would like to realize it through quality partnership can fill out the application form at the Voogle Idea Accelerator website.