Evolva presents Trainee ERP at the Training Firm Fair in Varaždin

As part of the Training Firm Fair which took place in Gospodarska škola Varaždin on April 25th, 2016, teachers from vocational schools from the region were introduced with the Trainee ERP, an educational and information system for the higher employability of students, and were given a detailed demonstration of how this ERP solution works for training firms.

At the beginning of this presentation it was pointed out that Trainee ERP was created in the cooperation of Croatian software company Evolva and vocational high schools from Varaždin, Slavonski Brod and Split as part of the project The interdisciplinary curriculum of secondary vocational schools (ICSVS).

The Trainee ERP serves teachers to prepare lessons faster and allows students to perform tasks in order to master the theoretical knowledge and entrepreneurial skills easier in order to get to know all aspects of the real business: administration, finance and accounting, procurement and warehouse, human resources, manufacturing, marketing and sales.

Even though vocational schools are already familiar with the Trainee ERP, this was an opportunity for representatives of vocational schools from various Croatian cities including Zagreb, Velika Gorica, Bjelovar, Đurđevac, Krapina, Ivanec, Čakovec, Prelog and Novi Marof, to learn more about the usage and benefits of this modern teaching method.

The ICSVS project, in which the Trainee ERP was developed, will be completed in the following days, and the results of the project will be presented at the press conference in Varaždin on May 3rd, 2016. For more details about the conference, please contact the project coordinator: Gospodarska škola Varaždin.