Highest marks for painless migration at Java conference

At the first Croatian Java conference, which was held at the Terme Tuhelj business center on May 29th - 30th, 2012, Matija Tomašković gave a presentation on the subject "The automatic conversion of desktop applications to Java web technology".

A project of migrating developers and applications to Java web technology which was successfully executed in the development department of one of the biggest banks in Croatia was presented at the lecture, along with a demonstration of how the converter and visual editor for screens work. The advantages of conversion and visual tools were pointed out as they make this technology an ideal solution for the migration.

The key to quick and effortless migration is the automatic desktop-to-web converter which converts old applications to Java web applications and enables a quick start for new business web applications development. The converter is based on Evolution Framework technology whose tools allow for modernization of existing screens with technical functionalities, while development departments get the necessary efficiency in the development of complex business web applications.

Participants of the conference rated the presentation with the highest marks and thereby classified it among the best lectures of the entire conference. A conference report can be seen at the conference's official pages.

You can see the presentation here.