Slovakian delegation visits Evolva

The delegation of the Bratislava region paid a visit to Evolva, as one of the occupants of the Technology Park Varaždin, during its visit to the county of Varaždin. Evolva's successes and projects were discussed at the brief meeting, as well as benefits of the technology park for innovative companies.

Matija Tomašković, general manager of Evolva, emphasized the e-Pisarnica solution which Evolva implemented in the City of Varaždin. He also talked about the modernization of legacy systems by way of automatic conversions of old desktop applications to Java web applications.

The members of the delegation were deputy prefect of the Bratislava region Gabriela Nemeth, head of the Department for Strategic Planning Barbara Lukačova, head of the Department of Strategic and Urban Planning and associates. After a reception with the representatives of the Varaždin county, and a visit to the Technology Park Varaždin, the distinguished guests visited the School of electromechanics and had a tour of the cultural and historical sights of Varaždin.