Trainee ERP training held at Gospodarska škola Varaždin

On Friday, February 12th, 2016, Evolva has held the Trainee ERP training at Gospodarska Škola Varaždin to introduce the use of the educational software in the program Training firm. 20 economics teachers from Gospodarska škola Varaždin and Secondary School Ivanec learned about this teaching method which was developed as part of "The interdisciplinary curriculum of secondary vocational schools", the EU project led by Gospodarska škola Varaždin.

Representatives of the company Evolva, CEO Matija Tomašković and head of solutions development Branislav Stambolija, demonstrated the Trainee ERP system to show how to use an educational software during the program Training firm from the teachers' and students' point of view.

Trainee ERP allows the teacher to organize students in training firms, prepare lessons and assign tasks to each student. Students will use the system to get an overview of business processes that exist in a simulated business environment, and then through the collaboration with other students they will execute tasks with instructions and the help provided by the system depending on the level of knowledge they need to master from each area - business administration, finance and accounting, procurement and storage, human resources, production and sales. At the same time, a teacher monitors the work of students and coordinates tasks to enable students to learn the whole material, until each student can perform tasks independently which indicates understanding of the theoretical knowledge and its practical use in the business of a real company.

Economics teachers who participated at the training expressed their satisfaction with this new teaching method that will help students in the program Training firm to acquire professional knowledge and entrepreneurial skills easier. This will increase the competitiveness of students on the labor market and their employability or self-employability. More details on the information and education system Trainee ERP is available at the project official website.