Training firms in Croatia receive a modern learning method

The company Evolva started to educate teachers and students of Gospodarska škola Varaždin about using the educational software Trainee ERP in the program Training firm. This educational and information system will help students to gain theoretical knowledge in a simulated business environment and thus increase their competitiveness on the labor market and encourage self-employment.

The development of ERP system is financed by the European Social Fund within the project "The interdisciplinary curriculum of secondary vocational schools" which is led by Gospodarska škola Varaždin under the grant "Modernisation of school curriculums in vocational schools". The project partners are the School of design, graphic arts and sustainable construction Split, High school M. A. Reljković from Slavonski Brod and a software company Evolva who has developed the ERP system and through its rich experience in the business process informatization enabled the use of information and communication technology for the modernization of the program Training firm according to the real business practice.

Students had the opportunity to do tasks in the areas of administration, marketing, procurement, sales and accounting, and record their work in the student's log so the teacher can review their work afterwards. The web shop, as part of the system, allows students to learn about internet sales and to sell real items.

Besides achieving the goals that the Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education (AVET) prescribed for the program Training firms in Croatia, the Trainee ERP represents the use of modern technologies for learning vocational and entrepreneurial skills, thus bringing substantial benefits to teachers and students, but also to Croatian educational system and the whole economy.

The final development of this software solution is underway, and the final system will be presented at this year's Training Firm Fair. All schools who want to allow their students to acquire knowledge and entrepreneurial competences easier are invited to get familiar with this new teaching method, with a common goal to modernize education in Croatia and create even more quality workforce. More on the Trainee ERP system can be found at the project official website.