Evolva participates in creating new education standards

Within the project Stand4INFO, which was introduced at the conference held on 17 September, 2015, Evolva helps to define knowledge that educational institutions in the field of computer science must provide to students so that they obtain adequate qualifications for IT professions. This is one of the two projects financed from EU funds under the Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2007-2014 in which Evolva participates as an IT partner to help to shape education to specific needs of the labor market.

The project "Stand4INFO - The development of standards for high education, occupation qualifications and curriculums based on the Croatian Qualifications Framework in the field of information technology" was initiated by the Faculty of Organization and Informatics in Varaždin. Evolva has a longtime cooperation with the Faculty especially when it comes to organizing internships for students and employing the best candidates, but also there are often various gatherings where Evolva's CEO Matija Tomašković shares his programming and entrepreneurial experience. Along with the company Evolva, partners at the project Stand4INFO are University of Zagreb, University of Rijeka, Technical University of Zagreb, Croatian Information Technology Society and other ICT companies. Evolva has recognized partnership at the project Stand4INFO as an opportunity to, from a position of experts for the development of modern enterprise web applications, participate in creating guidelines for improving the competence of teachers and students in the field of ICT sciences, reviewing curriculum of computer science studies and coordinating it with qualifications that are necessary for certain IT jobs.

The other project mentioned above is "IKSSS - An interdisciplinary curriculum of vocational schools" which was presented at the conference in May 2015. The project leader is Gospodarska škola Varaždin that is, in cooperation with Evolva and partner schools from Split and Slavonski Brod, creating an ERP system for class Training company including a web shop for selling their products. According to expected results, Evolva develops an interactive educational software that will help students of vocational schools to gain knowledge and experience of running a business.

Matija Tomašković, CEO of Evolva, pointed out the importance of these projects because educational institutions need to listen entrepreneurs to be able to follow the latest trends, current needs of employers and general requirements of modern business in order to generate professionals with exactly those competencies that are required for success and competitiveness of Croatian companies.