Integrated information system achieved the goals of the EU project

ERP system, developed by Evolva within the EU project, is a modern method that will facilitate the mastering of the business knowledge according to the project's goal which was to use information and communication technologies to create a more competent and entrepreneurial workforce. The project finished recently and the project coordinator and its partners have presented project's results at the final conference on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016, where distinguished guests have expressed their satisfaction with a great potential that these modern teaching methods, which were developed within the project, have for the further use. The main events that happened throughout the whole project are listed below.

The project called "The interdisciplinary curriculum of vocational secondary schools" was started by the Economic School Varaždin and it was financed by EU funds within the grant "Modernisation of school curriculums in vocational schools according to the Croatian Qualifications Framework", funded by the European Social Fund. In order to present the project the official website was created. Evolva, as the IT partner at this project, was in charge of the development of educational-information ERP system.

The project began in May 2015 when a press conference was held in Varaždin, where it was announced that Evolva creates educational ERP system called Trainee ERP which will be used in the program Training firm.

In the months that followed, the project was presented in the cities of project's partners. One of the partners is the High School Matija Antun Reljković from Slavonski Brod, therefore the educational ERP system for schools was presented in Slavonski Brod at a press conference on October 16th, 2015.

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Another project's partner High school for design, graphic arts and sustainable construction Split has prepared a press conference on January 29, 2016, in the hall of the Split-Dalmatia County.

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TV reports from these events can be viewed at the project's official YouTube channel.

As the development of the trainee ERP was progressing according to the plan first workshops were held at the beginning of year 2016. Representatives of Evolva development team have held the Trainee ERP training for teachers at Gospodarska škola Varaždin where they have demonstrated how does the educational software help when it comes to preparing lessons and to coordinate, monitor and evaluate the performance of students.

Soon after that, we have announced that training companies in Croatia receive a modern learning method which was when the workshop for first group of students from Economic school Varaždin was held. Those students were first to try how to use the Trainee ERP to perform work within the main organizational units in the company, such as administration, procurement, finance and accounting, production, and sales with a focus on e-commerce which is the reason why the web shop was also created. They have also tried a digital student diary through which the teacher easily evaluates their progress and work. This way students learn through work until when they are able to apply theoretical knowledge independently in a real business.

In order to introduce the project's results to teachers and students of other high schools that provide a program Training firm, the Trainee ERP system was introduced:

- at the Intercounty Fair of Training Firms in Bjelovar

- at the High School of Economics in Maribor

- at the Training Firm Fair in Varaždin

Trainee ERP was created for students and teachers in vocational schools to prepare them for working in the real businesses. This is an excellent example of implementation of ICT in education whose possibilities are limitless. Since the program Training firm is currently performed mostly without any software, video instructions for Trainee ERP are available for the quick start.

ERP systems, in general, have a very important role for business processes in companies. Unfortunately, ERP systems in Croatia often don't use the full potential of the company as ERP suppliers offer ready-made solutions and the business must adapt to functionalities of the ERP system. But, if the company wants to respect the specifics of their processes it is necessary to develop a custom ERP system to achieve higher efficiency.

Evolva, with its rich experience in the custom software development, has helped to achieve the objectives of this EU project by creating a specific software solution in the form of educational and information system. ERP for training companies enables learning of theoretical knowledge, but also performing specific tasks in a simulated business, and the overall result is greater employability of students. In order to achieve the sustainability of the project, project's partners encourage educational institutions to contact the project's coordinator Gospodarska škola Varaždin to find out more about the project's results. For any information on Trainee ERP and custom software development in general, feel free to contact Evolva directly through the contact form.

And finally, we bring you the intro video, which was presented at the final conference, in which you can see the main functionalities and benefits of the Trainee ERP: